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How One Kid Raised Thousands for People in Need of Hearing Aids

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Ear Care Companies are Listening to Consumers' Input

The rising inclination of consumers toward self-care is helping fuel the growth of the ear care market. And the rising consciousness among consumers regarding hygiene and healthy lifestyle and their increasing spending capacity are also playing a role in this growth. In...

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Healthy Habits: Nasal Rinsing

Nasal rinsing: ever heard of it? Chances are you haven’t; but that’s okay! I’m here to tell you all about the benefits of nasal rinsing and why you should start today. Click here to read more about...

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Eosera adds noses to ears

Eosera Inc. announced the addition of a new product – Nose Well – June 8 to rinse the nasal cavities that is designed to help reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies and sinus congestion.

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Consumers Seek At-Home Ear Care Amid the Pandemic

“At-home, over-the-counter treatments, such as Ear Itch MD, EarWax MD for Kids and adults, Wax Blaster MD, Ear Clean MD, and refill packs are being swooped off retail shelves and tried and tested at home for relief in conjunction with or instead...

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