Taylor Holland

Mother and Ear Pain MD Customer

Ear Pain MD is a must-have for any parent's medicine cabinet.

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J Mack Slaughter, MD

Emergency Medicine

Ear Pain MD works quickly to provide numbing relief at the spot of the pain.

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Braden Baker

EARWAX MD Customer

“I would definitely recommend Earwax MD. I use hearing aids, and every day I have what I call earwax explosions. In class, I have to get up and wipe out my ear. I remember the first time I used Earwax MD, the explosions didn’t happen for a week. I think it’s really important for people to keep their ears clean, especially when they have a hearing device in.”


Robin Carson, AuD

“I would say three out of ten patients would need to remove wax from their ears before we can get a good hearing test, and certainly before we can have them hear better with the use of devices. Earwax MD would be something we can use confidently for at-home patient use and also in the office.”

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Douglas Fullington, MD

“Greater than 85% of all ears had total clearing of cerumen after 1 or 2 treatments.”

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